Adult Golf Coaching

Adult Golf Lessons Worcestershire

Looking for an individual lesson? We offer this and a range of unique coaching packages.

Ever wonder why you hit the same bad shots? Lacking in consistency? Not hitting the ball far enough?

We believe every golf swing has potential and any changes should be tailored what your body allows.
Using our state of the art slow motion camera systems, launch monitor & professional advice, we are sure to help reach your golfing goals this season.

Individual sessions are available to all ages and abilities. Putting, Short Game, Approach, Long Game and Psychological… we offer it all! Being able to see your progress right in front of you is important and will help accelerate your progress.

We also offer weekly group classes for Adults. Each week will be a different subject, allowing you to ask questions, discuss technique and improve that aspect of the game. A drink in the club house afterwards is also a must!

Please see our timetable for class dates and times. All adult classes are roll up sessions, which means there is no need to book… just roll up!

£8 per adult, per session (includes golf balls)